Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nation Undead - 2009 Updates

Patrick and the guys from sent me some updates for their upcoming zombie epic that only YOU can make happen. First order of business - Spread the word! tell your friends and your friends of friends. Want to participate in viral marketing? I know I do! Send a self-addressed envelope to PO Box 18437 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 to get FREE STICKERS.
Damn right. Stick them anywhere and take pictures too! you can post them on!
I know alot of you guys, including our followers; are actors and filmakers. So what better chance to make a zombie movie of epic proportions? Learn more about this brilliant idea HERE and get your submissions in before October 31st 2009!

If you wanna make me a zombie movie, that would be cool too ;)

And while on the topic of submissions: As always, feel free to send us anything you please. Art, news, questions, comments, love. I get all gitty and shit when you guys send me stuff, so make my day!

Peace, Love, Brains.