Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Trailer for "Dead Rising 2" Video Game!

"Plague of the Dead" Book Review

So, im guessing most of you have heard of "The Morningstar Strain Saga". If not - it is a 3 book trilogy about a zombie virus known as "Morningstar". The first book "Plague of the Dead" starts at the beginning of the outbreak in Africa, and moves out from there. The way the virus works in the book is quite interesting. Its like a combination of "28 days Later" and "Night of the Living Dead". Depeneding on how you are infected, it can take from minutes to weeks for someone to turn, And once the virus has taken over, the host becomes a fast, ravenous, rage infested creature. These zombies can be killed in anyway a human can be killed. However, if the head is not destroyed, within minutes, the virus re-animates the host into a slow shambeling corpse. Best of both worlds eh? If I had any criticism for the book, it would be that, the writing was a little sub-par at points, and (being from a military family) the military language of some of the soliders were used haphazrdly and at times unnecessary. All in all this was a good read, and im excited for the next 2 books.
Well, im on to the second book, "Thunder and Ashes". Ill let you know how it goes once I blow through that one!

Zombie Nation Rating: 4/5

"Morningstar Strain: Plague of the Dead"
By Z A Recht

Monday, April 27, 2009


Check out this Zombie track by Major Lazer featuring Andy Milokanis: ZUMBI! It's awesome. It's from their upcoming LP Guns Don't Kill People - Lazers Do, which should be decent. Mad Decent.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Further evidence....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Destroy the Brain

There are many crowbars like it, but this one is mine. Great for smashing skulls, breaking into locked buildings, playing croquet...I give you "Buster." Nice and manageable, just over 24", and the handle is wrapped in batting tape. I like the idea of having a solid piece of metal that has points and is blunt at the same time. Also, not pictured is a Remington 870 shotgun, but that is in a garage in Northern Minnesota, so doesn't do me a whole hell of a lot of good here in San Francisco. "Buster" it is.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weapon Submission: TF

Another weapon submission from one of our dedicated followers!

Now I don't have any firearms, but I have plenty of blunt objects that would
be useful against an undead ghoul.
After seeing Shaun of the Dead I purchased a cricket bat, despite not being
able to play the game.
I later realised that a wooden bat wouldn't last long after repeated skull
bashings so I searched for something more sturdy and found an old vacuum
cleaner's extention metal tube... Er... Thing.
It can double in length so it could keep me at a safe distance from a zombie
and when shortened it's light and easily transportable.
It's not much but I think it would work pretty well.
A couple of months before being eaten, perhaps? :-)

Thats a hella original weapon. Nice work TF!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Weapon Submission: CrazyIvan2x

Being a fire fighter in my local township i am the first line of defense against the zombie horde. i take good care of my weapons and get to practice with them on a regular bases. remember the greatest weapon is ones side-arm- not really a zombie weapon but i have to list it because i carry it everywhere(and humans prove to be a greater threat)
bed room machete- i want a fighting chance when in my own bedroom. i don't sleep with it under my pillow but it is in easy reach from my bed, and i am a light sleeper.
car machete- like with the machete in my bedroom i have one in my car. it is part of my emergency supplies.
knuckle knife- i have about 6 of these in various places like: one with the emergency stuff in my car, one with my fire fighting gear, one in my school bag(yes i have a knife in my book-bag), one in the bag i take with me to work, and the others are stored in my room if i need a replacement.
new york roof hook- this is more to do with fire fighting than zed killing but it would be an effective tool for one person to take down multiple targets.

as of right now i do not own any firearms but i am looking in to getting a 12g shotgun and a FN five seven pistol


Awesome stuff! I think CrazyIvan2x will last a pretty long time.. ;)

Keep the submissions coming!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The crucial anti-zombie weapon

As the many zombie films out there have reliably informed us, the undead may rise up with little to no warning. When the hordes are pounding on your front door, do you have a weapon handy to defend yourself with?

My anti-zombie weapon of choice is the Maasai stick (or fimbo.) It's used by warriors in Africa to defend against invaders and lions. It doesn't need to be reloaded, and there's no danger of it getting stuck in a zombie. It's light and balances quite nicely. I'm still getting used to handling it, but if a zombie appears in my doorway, at least I'll have something close at hand to bust its head.

Send us pics of you and your anti-zombie weapon, and tell us a little about why you've chosen it!

"Day by Day Armageddon" Book Review

Let me start off by saying, the journal format of this novel is perfect for the zombie genre. "Day by Day" follows a naval aviator through his journal writings. It starts at the beginning of the calendar year, where evidence of the outbreak begin in China (its always the Chinese isn't it? ;)
We follow our main character through Texas, where he uses his military training, along with the help of survivors, to stay alive. The authors attention to detail and extensive knowledge of survival make the book seem tangible and authentic.
The author; J.L. Bourne is a real life naval officer who is currently serving in Iraq, but has still managed to complete a Sequel, which should be coming out very soon. Im sure I will be pre-ordering the sequel, because "Day by Day Armageddon" is definately one of my favorite zombie novels to date.

Zombie Nation Rating: 5/5

Day by Day Armageddon"
By J.L. Bourne


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
You may ask yourself, "what does this have to do with zombies?" Or maybe you caught on a long time ago.
Thats right...

Jesus was a friggin' zombie.

From all of us at Zombie Nation,
Happy Easter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paparazzi = Zombies

I like to browse the news everyday, just to see whats going on in the world (making sure the outbreak isnt beginning) and its always bad news. But today, my friends, was a good day in news.
This is the best headline I have ever seen....

Click on the Headline to read the story!

and while your at it, check out this TIME article "Zombies are the new Vampires"


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zombie Dawn

William over from notified me of his sweet new zombie site!
its pretty fun to have a look aorund, so check it out!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Zombie Video Game Update!!!

Ok, so here are some zombie video games I am looking forward to in 2009.

Video Game #1
First of all, I don't really play PC games. But Im getting this. fighting zombies with...plants?! YES. this one looks super cute, and has the catchiest music video I have ever witnessed. Performance by the very talented Laura Shigihara
VIEWER BEWARE: This song will be stuck in your head ALL DAY.

Video Game #2
This is the newest zombie video game I have come across, and it looks damn sexy. And loads of classic fun. its called "Zombie Apocalypse" and it comes out in a few months!
Click This link to check it out!

Video Game #3
This one just came out for download on the PlayStation Network. it is called "Burn, Zombie, Burn!" It is almost like the cartoon version of the upcoming "Zombie Apocalypse". It is super fun!

Video Game #4
Last but not least is the game I am looking forward to the most. "Dead Rising 2". It looks insane. The premise of the first one was: You trapped in a mall. your weapon? anything. absolutely anything you could find. from a sword to a bowling ball. Why am I excited about this sequel?
because the developers have announced that this game will have the ability to have up to 6000 zombies on screen at the same time. yes. six thousand. simply. amazing. "Dead Rising 2" comes out later this year.

for more information on all these games, go to!


"Dying to Live" Book Review

I finished this book last night, and was a little sad to see it end. Overall it was a very original zombie story, with noted references to Dantes inferno, Moby Dick, as well as the unsurprising homages to the great George Romero and other zombie culture pioneers. The entire book, I had envisioned that the writer was female (Kim?) only to find out in the acknowledgments, it is actually a man. Its not like this matters, but theres something about how the book was written that made it fascinating that a woman was ultimately the mastermind.
In "Dying to Live" we follow a man named "Jonah" who is one of the few survivors of the zombie pandemic which has whiped the entire planet. He comes across a group of people who have settled within a fortified museum. This band of people are led by a man named "Milton" who has a very interesting power over the undead.
When I read this part of the synopsis, I was very skeptical. I was worried the book would become some magical fantasy, or some sort of Scorcery. Thankfully, it was nothing like that at all. In fact, its one of the main keys of the story, and it uses it very very well. Whats great about this story, is that the author shows you that the undead arent the most evil things roaming the planet. Humanity can be much more sadistic than rotting corpses that feed on living brains. The book throws you right into the fight, and never lets up until the end. I definately reccomend this book. Ill leave you with that. So go check it out!

Zombie Nation Rating: 4/5

"Dying to Live: A Novel of Life amoung the Undead"
By Kim Paffenroth