Wednesday, March 11, 2009

East Coast zombie outbreak, and free vector images!

If I could build my dream team to fight zombies, it would be...

A 10 year old child and a delusional goth rocker.

If anyone reading this on the east coast, specifically the Boston area, you are in a red zone. you are not safe. in 6 days evacuate to your nearest Irish pub. I unfortunately, am stuck in the Midwest, where our outbreak began in October. But I have found an Irish pub that I may find means of communication with you. keep a look out. And may god have mercy on our souls....

But in the mean time,
I was sent these FREE zombie vector images!

Click on the image to get directed to the site where you can download the Illustrator file.
And be sure to send in your creations, so they can be posted!

Peace, Love, Brains

// spm