Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zombie month is around the corner.

October is such a great time for us zombie lovers, don't you agree? it seems as if September was the calm before the storm.

First on our plate: Night of the Living Dead: Origins
There are good and bad things about the public domain of Romeros classic, it remains to be seen which of those this 3D CGI film will be, but at this time I shall remain optimistic.
For more details, heres an article I found on it last week

Second on our plate: The Walking Dead: TV Series
Oh, did Santa get my Christmas wish list from the past 11 years? Thank You.
I can see this being really successful, and I know they will get the right people to do it (right?!)
I cannot WAIT for this. Heres the article.

Third on the Plate: [REC 2] Official Trailer and News of [REC 3]
ummm, not really - but its possible. At the Midnight Madness Premire, Spanish directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza joked about doing a third movie. They swore they wouldnt do a second, and yet we have it, so who knows? Looking at the [REC] 2 trailer, it seems like the same formula as the first movie (not a bad thing) - so theres only so much you can do with it.

Stay alive.