Friday, October 23, 2009

October Zombie World Tour

We are knee deep in Zombie month, so what the hell is going on?
First off, make sure to show your zombie love with tshirts from These series of artists do some sick stuff, (dinosaur zombie Michael Jackson? brilliant.) and if youre out in the UK, its free shipping. Eat that shit up, fellas.

In the mood for some good ol' fashion zombie reading? head over to Chris and Patrick Williams have 30 chapters written so far, in their online zombie novel. The site is sponsored by Permuted Press, who have brought life to other online born novels like "Day by Day Armageddon". Well be covering "Dead Meat" with a full written review soon! But for now, go ahead and start reading!

Jay over at gave us the heads up last month about a zombie flash game they are developing. They are hard at work on it, and have promised to keep us updated, so stay tuned.

"Zombie Diaries" comes out on DVD November 18. from what I gather, it is another pandemic movie contrived from 28 Days Later and Romero's Diary of the Dead. Good makeup effects, so if your in the mood for mindless zombies, this one hits stores in a few weeks.

And thus, the Finale. The Left 4 Dead 2 Leaked Trailer. IMHO: Holy crap. I wish I had an Xbox just for this game. Please Valve, stop being little whinny bitches, and release this for PS3 please? ;)

Till next time.