Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Th Morningstar Strain: Thunder and Ashes Review

Is it wrong to like this more than the first? of course not. And that is exactly what happened. But I guess when you think of trilogies - the most action packed story, is usually the second. Epic. Thunder and Ashes starts exactly where Plague of the Dead left off. Z.A. Recht really impressed me with his ability to keep me engaged throughout the entire book. This book really puts you on edge, and does a great job setting up the 3rd and final installment titled: "Survivors". I obviously dont want to give anything away, so go out and read this book. My review of the first book, I talk about the overly military language of the soldiers. I take this back. And this is not the case for the second book at all. The character development is at its peak. (Death to Sawyer!)
Some of our followers have emailed me, letting me know how much they loved this 2nd installment of "The Morningstar Strain" and I completely agree with them. Great job Z.A. Recht. I cant wait for the 3rd book!

Zombie Nation Rating: 5/5