Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear iPhone. Stop tempting me.

MMMOOOOAAR zombie apps for the iPhone, and im sure there are dozens more to come.
Zombie Cannon Carnage.

Freeverse website reads:

No one has ever claimed that Zombies are very smart. They are however, very busy. In ZCC! three of these morons crash landed on our lovely little planet. With no other options, a fierce need to feed and a couple of spare circus parts they quickly build a cannon in a brilliant attempt to fire themselves back into space. This plan will never work, but at the very least they can save some hapless and unfortunate humans along the way and then eat their brains.

Using your Zombie Cannon fire Pee-Pee Boy and his cohorts up into the night sky. Use your Jet Pack to rocket through the city avoiding air conditioners, balconies, crane hooks and the pesky Police Helicopter. Fly too high and the military will unleash their F15 armed with Air-to-Zombie missiles. Hit pinball bumpers to up your bonus multiplier, hit multiple objects to crank up your combo bonus and try to find all eleven Signature Impacts for maximum points. If that somehow isn’t enough carnage, you can buy the power to call in Air Strikes on yourself, a chainsaw to wield, TNT crates, Radioactive Barrels and more at the Upgrade-O-Matic vending machine with the points that you have earned along the way.

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This game came out on Tuesday, so if if you got an iPhone, you can pick this up now!