Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zombie Filmmakers Combine Forces

Lost Zombies is a zombie themed social network with the goal of creating a community generated zombie documentary. Lost Zombies follows a fictional time line which begins in February 2007 with a Flu epidemic. The flu virus mutates out of control, eventually causing Zombism. The time line leads to the present day where 75% of the world's population is dead or undead.
Users are able to create a profile on the Lost Zombies website and submit videos, audio, pictures and written accounts that reflect some portion of the Lost Zombies time line. The creators of Lost Zombies intend to compile the user submissions into a single, cohesive, mock documentary.
Lost Zombies received the Best Community Web Site Award and the People’s Choice Award at the 2009 SXSW Web Awards held on March 15, 2009.
Lost Zombies was featured as one of the 25 new faces of independent film by FilmMaker Magazine.

Check it out at www.lostzombies.com