Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dawn of the Dead 2 and Pub Crawl!

This isnt the most recent of news, but in case anyone was wondering....
Richard Rubinstein, producer of Dawn of the Dead - has confirmed that they will indeed be making a sequel to the hit remake - ( )
Zach Snyder has also confirmed and elaborated on his ideas on the sequel. Of any horror remake (which should never be done) this one is daaaamn good, and i trust Zach Snyder to make a good film. Lets just hope 20th Century Fox lets Warner Brothers release the Watchmen so Zach can move on and make Dawn of the Dead 2!

I cant wait!!!

In Local News...

This year's crawl will take place on Saturday, October 18th 2008.

The crawl will begin at Seven Corners, and end at The Cabooze. We're super excited for this year's flesh feast! We'll continue to post details daily, here are some highlights to look for:

  • All ages zombie party
  • Zomb-e-oke (Karaoke for the undead.)
  • Artwork by Dwitt
  • Music
  • Mayhem
  • Human Flesh
Look out for free "" stickers and other fun zombie gifts, given out by yours truly! (the guys wearing iLovetheundead T-shirts)

Happy Hunting!