Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diary of the Dead: Review

Screened by: spm & lil' ric
George A. Romero is a great man. He revolutionized the zombie genre and inspired generations to create horror movies of the highest quality. Unfortunately Diary of the Dead is anything but quality. The acting was some of the worst I have ever seen. Really...Plan 9 from Outer Space has better acting. everything from the exposition to the very end was done haphazardly. That being said, Ric put it best 5 minutes into the movie.

"This movie is indestructible"

It really is. This movie made us laugh movie more than anything. Although the zombie kills were beyond creative. George knows how to kill zombies. Whether its impaling children on a wall via bow & arrow, dynamite, or my favorite: sword. At one point, a guy takes out a couple zombies while shooting through a gaping hole of another zombie. Its things like these that make this movie "indestructible".
And what is the glue that holds this movie together? a deaf Amish man named Samuel. Yes, thats right. The true hero of the film. He trows dynamite and carries a scythe which helps him make the most fantastic exit from the movie.

This movie has gotten countless horrible reviews, and we can see why. But in the end, it is a zombie movie, and for that; we love it.


// spm