Thursday, October 16, 2008

October is a good month for the Undead.

Much to report today brain eaters! First off, Geoff over at Revenant Magazine just informed us about the Revenant Film Fest Wrap up!

Geoff Writes:
The 2008 Revenant Film Festival came to a close this past Saturday night in Seattle, WA. We had a killer time with everyone and thank you to all that came out and had a great time with us! It was a long night of films and you were the best of crowds!

Our entire line-up was an amazing mix of indie zombie films from around the world. We featured: The short film ‘Zombie Undead’ from Director Rhys Davies in the UK which is the short film version of an already in production feature length film, The short film ‘Bernie Franklin’ from Directors Travis Von Rotz (who also starred in the production) and Brandon Swanson from Seattle - which picked up Best Short Film, The Feature Film ‘Reel Zombies’ from Directors Mike Masters and David J. Francis from Ontario, Canada – which won Best Feature Film, The feature film ‘Colin’ from Marc Price of the UK - which won the Special Jury Prize, The Feature Film ‘Grave Mistake’ from Shawn Darling of New Mexico – which featured some of the best looking zombies I have seen in a LONG time and garnered quite a few laughs from our crowd, and to finish out the night we featured Andy Davis’ ‘2’ from Portland, Maine – which we hailed as “one of the best indie zombie films in recent history.”

All films and trailers were very well received and the awarded selections were voted on by festival attendees.Thank you to everyone that has helped us to spread the word about our event, we greatly appreciate the support over the years and we look forward to showcasing the future of independent zombie films at the next Revenant Film Festival!

We want to thank Geoff and Revenant for hosting such an awesome film festival!!

Continue to support Revenant and Zombie culture....or else I will eat you.... Be sure to check out the Interviews with Andy Davis - Director of "2" and Marc Price - Director of "Colin"

I wish I could have made it this year, but be sure I will be submitting a zombie masterpiece next time around!
In other news, our good friend Kyle Sommers just sent us a website he came across called
I personally love pinup models....and I love zombies....but the combination weirds me out. But its still awesome!

Thanks Kyle!

Last but not least, our friend and fellow contributing artist Robert of Monster Portraits
has just completed another amazingly detailed painting that you all should see!
Keep them coming Robert!

You guys Rock!

// spm