Friday, October 10, 2008

Quarantine Review

So I went to the midnight showing of Quarantine last night. I went into this movie expecting something a little less than the original. When it comes to remakes i.e. The Ring, Its almost safe to assume that it wont be as good as the original. Granted, I enjoyed the Ring.
[REC] has to be one of my favorite zombie films of all time - and I must throw Quarantine in there as an equal.
I know that is pretty ballsy to say, but Quarantine - in my opinion - held its own. It did an excellent job of expanding the plot for American audiences - explaining what the virus is, and why it is so dangerous. The new set of characters also works or me, and the actors do a great job at the development of their characters. Usually, in a movie like this, its the acting that takes you out of it, but I personally was not taken out of the movie by bad acting, although Jennifer Carpenter gets pretty intense at the end. You also get to see the man behind the camera frequently - thus connecting the audience with the camera. Its hard to say which one was scarier. Because I have seen [REC] a bunch of times, I knew what to expect, and at which points to hide my face. But there were a few pleasant surprises that took me off guard. All in all, I thought that Quarantine held its own - something I wasn't expecting. If you have seen [REC], you will like this movie, if you have not seen it, you will love it.

Go see Quarantine!

// spm