Friday, April 17, 2009

Weapon Submission: CrazyIvan2x

Being a fire fighter in my local township i am the first line of defense against the zombie horde. i take good care of my weapons and get to practice with them on a regular bases. remember the greatest weapon is ones side-arm- not really a zombie weapon but i have to list it because i carry it everywhere(and humans prove to be a greater threat)
bed room machete- i want a fighting chance when in my own bedroom. i don't sleep with it under my pillow but it is in easy reach from my bed, and i am a light sleeper.
car machete- like with the machete in my bedroom i have one in my car. it is part of my emergency supplies.
knuckle knife- i have about 6 of these in various places like: one with the emergency stuff in my car, one with my fire fighting gear, one in my school bag(yes i have a knife in my book-bag), one in the bag i take with me to work, and the others are stored in my room if i need a replacement.
new york roof hook- this is more to do with fire fighting than zed killing but it would be an effective tool for one person to take down multiple targets.

as of right now i do not own any firearms but i am looking in to getting a 12g shotgun and a FN five seven pistol


Awesome stuff! I think CrazyIvan2x will last a pretty long time.. ;)

Keep the submissions coming!!!!