Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Dying to Live" Book Review

I finished this book last night, and was a little sad to see it end. Overall it was a very original zombie story, with noted references to Dantes inferno, Moby Dick, as well as the unsurprising homages to the great George Romero and other zombie culture pioneers. The entire book, I had envisioned that the writer was female (Kim?) only to find out in the acknowledgments, it is actually a man. Its not like this matters, but theres something about how the book was written that made it fascinating that a woman was ultimately the mastermind.
In "Dying to Live" we follow a man named "Jonah" who is one of the few survivors of the zombie pandemic which has whiped the entire planet. He comes across a group of people who have settled within a fortified museum. This band of people are led by a man named "Milton" who has a very interesting power over the undead.
When I read this part of the synopsis, I was very skeptical. I was worried the book would become some magical fantasy, or some sort of Scorcery. Thankfully, it was nothing like that at all. In fact, its one of the main keys of the story, and it uses it very very well. Whats great about this story, is that the author shows you that the undead arent the most evil things roaming the planet. Humanity can be much more sadistic than rotting corpses that feed on living brains. The book throws you right into the fight, and never lets up until the end. I definately reccomend this book. Ill leave you with that. So go check it out!

Zombie Nation Rating: 4/5

"Dying to Live: A Novel of Life amoung the Undead"
By Kim Paffenroth